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About ARK

Acts of Random Kindness endeavors to be a friend to people in unique circumstances of crisis; to demonstrate kindness through loving acts of service. ARK is a friend to strangers and approaches humanity with great love and compassion – without judgment. "Paying it forward" results in the nurturing and inspiration of the human spirit; changing lives, one life at a time.


The ripple of kindness is unending.


Cayman’s ARK is a Registered Non-Profit Organization, founded in 2006 and run by volunteers. ARK’s focus is on improving the standard of living in the homes of the under-privileged; ensuring that no one goes hungry or homeless, encouraging and providing education, aiding children and adults in life-threatening medical situations, and ensuring any matter of crisis or suffering are eased by collective community support.  

ARK can only achieve our goals with the generous support and donations we receive from the private sector, charity fundraisers and individuals in our community.

Without this support, helping those in need would not be possible.

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