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ARK's Programs

We seek to improve the lives of Cayman's least privileged residents.
Read about our programs and we hope you'll get involved.


CASA Program

Over 30 families are living in safe, healthy and acceptable living conditions because of ARK's CASA program.

We meet families during a "home visit" and get a bird's eye view into the dire state of their homes - some of which are unsuitable for living. Through generous donations of money, materials and time, sponsors and community groups help to give these families hope. 


Reconnect Cayman

ARK reconnects electricity and water for families who cannot afford to pay or maintain their utilities. In the many cases, the money owed on utility bills is so huge and longstanding that the family would never be able to pay it off, in order to get reconnected. 

This program is invaluable for families; without electricity and water, a functioning bathroom, children cannot live in a clean and healthy environment and acceptable living conditions. 

Once a family has qualified for ARK aid, we commit to pay for three months of utilities and food, allowing the family time to better position themselves economically. In more severe situations and dictated by funding, these benefits may be extended. 


Mentor - Educate - Reinforce (MER)

This ARK program is an intensive academic intervention for struggling students.

MER began in earnest with the generosity of several private sector and individual donors. They are supporting four pupils at George Town Primary in the 2018-19 school year who are from significantly underprivileged circumstances.  Read more here



ARK receives regular donations of house hold furniture, contents of condos and homes and building materials.

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