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Coach Greg

inspirational teacher, beloved friend and community member

"An amazing and giving man who has touched the lives of so many, and is the embodiment of kindness"

"A constant support... a kind soul. Our thoughts are with him and pray for his healing and recovery"

​We are raising funds to contribute to Greg Simcoe's medical expenses. 

Acts of Random Kindness will receive funds designated for Coach Greg. 

Donation information below.

On Wednesday evening December 16, 2020, ‘Coach Greg' was struck by a vehicle while walking his beloved dogs in the Cayman Islands.

Coach Greg has suffered serious injuries; including multiple broken bones and severe internal injuries. As a result he remains in critical condition at the hospital in the Cayman Islands.

We are calling on our community both locally and internationally to please contribute to Coach Greg's medical expenses. Any amount that one can give will benefit his recovery immensely. Our goal is to raise these funds immediately.

Coach Greg is a champion in all aspects of life where he excels as a physical education teacher at Cayman International School. Coach Greg has inspired, coached, and most importantly instilled ambition into hundreds of his students. Further, including and beyond his students Greg exhorts a 'never give up' attitude valued by our entire community in Cayman.

Coach Greg will undoubtedly not be giving up this tough fight on the road to recovery and we welcome all donations to help him get through this difficult time. 

Donation information

Acts of Random Kindness helps individuals in times of tragedy and acute need, and ARK will receive money through charitable donations to support Coach Greg.  

If you have any queries about donations for Coach Greg, please fill out our form below.  All contact information provided to ARK will remain confidential and will only be used to communicate with you about this transaction/donation.   

Online electronic funds transfer to ARK

Bank: Butterfield Bank

Account name: Cayman's ARK

Account number:

1360392920018 (KYD checking account)

Reference: Coach Greg


Donations made by local electronic funds transfer will be received in full by Acts of Random Kindness and processed separately to other ARK donations. 

Please note: Some bank-to-bank payments do not include the payment reference. We would appreciate you filling in the short form below to indicate that you've made a donation. 

Fees associated with international transfers (USD or other currency outside the Cayman Islands) may result in a fee that is deducted from the donation amount. 

Credit Card Donations 

Processed via Cayman Ecommerce

Click relevant button and add donation to cart. 

Please note: In order to make the convenience of online giving possible, a 2.75% payment processor fee and bank fees will be paid from each donation received for this campaign.


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