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Covid-19 | March - April, 2020

Prior to Covid-19, ARK ran the “Feed Cayman” program distributing food cards (for the island’s major supermarkets) weekly to needy families, single moms, and other vulnerable people who have “fallen through the cracks”. They live in crowded dwellings without kitchens, running water and bathrooms, and sometimes without electricity.  ARK applies stringent “due diligence” criteria in its aid efforts - and has demonstrated the success of this individualized approach in ensuring that Cayman’s most vulnerable families are those who benefit from our efforts. 

In March 2020, ARK’s list of recipients began to significantly increase, as more and more people lost their jobs in the service industry and reached out for support. The Covid-19 crisis affects us all, but its negative economic consequences fall disproportionately on people who were already living on the margin, and lost their livelihoods in one fell swoop.

Starting in mid-March, Cayman’s ARK partnered with The Wharf and Grand Old House, who produced and donated hot meals every day. By Easter weekend, ARK - working through a veritable army of volunteers and other non-profit organisations - delivered 550+ meals across each district, and 72 during the Easter weekend, as well as a Fosters cards/gift certificates where possible.

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