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Feed Cayman 2020 

ARK's Covid-19 relief for the needy and vulnerable



#StayHomeCayman and cook for those in need

Cook homemade meals, freeze, and drop off at our Soup Kitchen



Support weekly food delivery

Donate to ARK to support our Soup Kitchen and a once-weekly delivery of meals (hot + frozen), soup, and grocery cards

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Buy grocery cards

Our weekly delivery will include a grocery card for recipients to buy fresh food and other supplies

Feed Cayman 2020 

Background information

Since mid-March, Cayman’s ARK has been partnering with The Wharf and Grand Old House, who have been producing and donating hot meals daily which are then delivered daily by a veritable army of volunteers across the island, including other non-profits. ARK have delivered 550+ meals across each district, and 72 during the Easter weekend, as well as a Fosters cards/Gift certificates where possible.

In the next phase of our Covid-19 “Feed Cayman” Initiative, Acts of Random Kindness will scale up this effort. We will create a central “soup kitchen” to serve as a hub for producing up to 500 soups a day, 6 days a week. Over the next few weeks, this will play a vital role in sustaining Cayman’s struggling families, and those who are currently unemployed as a result of the Pandemic.

Recipients will receive one delivery weekly: Fresh hot meals for the day from The Wharf for all the family, delicious soups from the Soup Kitchen, and frozen meals provided by the Community “At Home” (for the rest of the week); plus a Foster’s card to enable them to purchase fresh food, other supplies and necessities.

ARK is leveraging significant donations from the local community and partnering with other non-profit organizations to make this a reality.

Who are the recipients?

Prior to Covid-19, ARK ran the “Feed Cayman” program distributing food cards (for the island’s major supermarkets) weekly to needy families, single moms, and other vulnerable people who have “fallen through the cracks”. They live in crowded dwellings without kitchens, running water and bathrooms, and sometimes no electricity.  ARK applies stringent “due diligence” criteria while ensuring that Cayman’s most needy families have food at home. 

In March 2020, ARK’s list began to significantly increase, as more and more people lost their jobs in the service industry and have reached out for support. The Covid-19 crisis affects us all, but its negative economic consequences fall disproportionately on these people.

Who will make this happen?  

ARK needs you – our #caymankind community – more than ever.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. #StayhomeCayman - but join our efforts and cook for those in need.

  2. Donate to ARK to provide food cards to needy families and vulnerable people

  3. If you can’t donate to ARK online, donate while you shop at Foster’s or through their website.

All donations will help and we are grateful to all who can help make a difference right now.

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