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Robotics Camps for Cayman's Kids

Thanks to the Cayman Compass for a brilliant write-up of our robotics "flash camps" that have taken place the past two weekends, in partnership with TechCayman and the 345 Robotics Club. Students from ARK's Mentor-Educate-Reinforce program have spent a total of four days immersed in VexIQ robotics - learning about building, designing and programming robots.

From the article:

ARK runs the MER programme in George Town Primary School and, through that initiative, students who may be struggling academically are identified and offered intensive remediation with private teachers once a day to help bolster their schooling.
“For example, one of our children is going into Year 6, but she isn’t yet at Year 1 reading level. So, these children would not have been able to access their curriculum and they’d be locked out of any future success, left behind, because teachers can only do so much,” Nielson said.
“So what we’re trying to do is to get the children at the beginning of their academic careers and help them to break the reading hold, so they can access that curriculum and can experience success.”

More information:


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