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Champions of Kindness - Catalysts for Cayman's future

ARK is launching its "Champions of Kindness" campaign: a community initiative to highlight and explain ARK's pivotal role in alleviating both acute and ongoing problems in the Cayman Islands —including housing, education, personal and medical crises, inter-generational trauma, and poverty.

Champions of Kindness will support ARK's two main programmes - highlighted in this video

Mentor-Educate-Reinforce (MER) gives children more than desks and books. It gives them hope, a future, the power to shape their own destiny - and escape the vicious cycle of poverty.

$5,000 (ci) provides education to a struggling child, for an entire year.

CASA (home renovations): With hundreds of children, elderly and vulnerable people living in deplorable living conditions, ARK’s CASA program creates safe, healthy living conditions, with a functioning bathroom, working kitchen, and key structural improvements.

$25,000 (ci) delivers one safe & loving home for a family in need.

ARK is honored to have been chosen by the Flowers Group to be its charitable partner for the 2024 Flowers Sea Swim - an annual one-mile event held on Seven Mile Beach (Saturday 15 June 2024), with hundreds of swimmers from around the world.

In partnership with Flowers, we will hold a fundraiser event for ARK -- a fun and engaging "supper" evening to celebrate the Champions from all walks of life who are catalysing the success of Cayman today and tomorrow. Get in touch if you're interested in sponsoring this event


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