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Buy a Brick for Miss Marva’s Tiny Home!

Miss Marva (center) and the 1503 Property team

Marva Bodden – whose story is featured below – is among the numerous individuals who are in desperate need of ARK’s CASA program to improve housing conditions for people and families living in crisis. The program focuses particularly on tackling housing that is unsuitable, unsafe, and unfit for the elderly, infirm, and children.

In July 2020, Ms Marva’s house caught on fire and the only thing she escaped with were the clothes on her back and her bible. With the assistance from ARK, the 1503 Property Group has pledged $20,000 to cover the construction deposit to get Ms Marva a home to call her own again.

On top of that, the 1503 Property Group is going to help raise the remaining funds by giving a percentage of commission from property sales and donate $10 for every visitor that comes to one of our open houses!

Together with the help from the Cayman community, we hope to have Ms Marva back in a home of her own again!

Construction of Marva’s home will cost approximately $80,000 – and an additional $1,500 per month for rent in the meantime (plus utilities and food). This cost will be reduced significantly with donations of building supplies and furnishings, skilled labour, and the time of other volunteers. We can only meet this enormous goal through the generous help from our community through donations of time, materials and funding!

The fantastic 1503 Property Group and their amazing team & commendable company ethos have stepped up to be the Title Sponsor for ARK's second 'Tiny Home' project to help our dear Miss Marva. This kind of community commitment is a shining example of the beautiful heart of the Cayman Islands and a thriving community of kindness and generosity.

Architect drawings of the home that ARK plans to build for Marva to replace the burnt structure – provided pro bono by Arco Architectural Services

ARK's first completed tiny home - Miss Marva's will be the same!

Miss Marva’s Story
Back in the early 40’s growing up in Cayman was tough. My dad was a shoemaker and my mom a housewife so funds were limited. My dad through hard work and countless hours spent in his work shop repairing shoes, was able to save enough money to build a home for his family.
After the death of my parents, I continued to live in the family home until it was destroyed by fire on July 17, 2020, leaving me with only the shirt on my back. Through some close family and friends, I came to hear about ARK and reached out to them for help. I found a caring person in Ms. Tara Nielsen of ARK, who has been working really hard on finding the funds to build a new home for me. My prayer is that through the kind generosity of our community, I will be in my home by Christmas.
God Bless,
Marva Edna Bodden


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