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A 'tiny home' is where the heart is

Updated: Feb 7

The first ARK 'Tiny House' is a giant stride to build a community where everyone has a decent place to call home. In a matter of months, the first ARK 'Tiny House' went from a concept drawing on paper, to reality. Cayman's unique and exemplary community kindness created the gift of a whole new beautiful and comfortable world for the family to live.

This process began in August 2021 (read more here) - and yesterday, Saturday 5 February, ARK hosted an official "ribbon cutting" ceremony. The photos below show the previous dwelling, the work in progress, and the end result -- a truly joyous beginning.

This fabulous home is 565 square foot with one bedroom, and open kitchen living and dining area, and a spacious bathroom specially designed for wheelchair access. We are counting down the days to when the family can move in -- and begin their new life.


Generous Blessings from the Community

Volunteers who painted and decorated from Dentons, Ogier, Rawlinson-Hunter, Dart, Prado Construction, LLC, Cayman International School, Sunrise Community Church

Donors/sponsors Artexrisk, R3 Cayman Foundation and the Robertson family - and countless individuals, local businesses and retailers

Constructed to withstand hurricanes and minor earthquakes by Prado Construction, LLC. Designed, pro bono by Arco Architecture https://www.arco.ky

Home systems, fittings and supplies donated by Cayman Electrical Supplies, Andro, Industrial Services, Dart, Pure Art Gallery & Gifts

Photography by Naomi Johnatty Photography


Photos of the previous shanty, unfit for living with insect infestations, leaks, and mold:

Architect drawings of the new Tiny Home - provided pro bono by Arco Architectural Services :

February 2022 - the Tiny House is nearly ready !

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