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ARK's Call to Action

Updated: May 28

What is a “champion”?

The word often evokes imagery of trophies, ribbons and medals – but a champion can also be a voice. An advocate. An amplifier. A helping hand. A believer. A partner. A catalyst.

Yet - it is often challenging to observe, directly, the feats, sacrifices and outcomes of all the “behind the scenes” champions in our community.

We are launching ARK’s “Champions of Kindness” campaign to recognize and celebrate these champions in Cayman --- and to grow this “kindness corps” in numbers and impact for the long term.

The origin of ARK - Acts of Random Kindness - was a humble straw hat. Seventeen years later, ARK has helped hundreds upon hundreds of people and families through all manner of crisis, tragedy, trauma, poverty-induced hardship, and even a global pandemic.

Our numerous contributors from all walks of life have invested their time, financial resources and trust in ARK, enabling us to help without casting judgment.

We continue to provide ongoing help in acute situations of need and distress. But ARK also has expanded its efforts to tackling two major initiatives: education and housing. Our "Mentor Educate Reinforce" and "CASA" initiatives underpin ARK's conviction that we must break the vicious cycle of poverty in Cayman. With the mutual commitment of our community members, this truly is an investment in our future human and social capital.

ARK provides agency – both to those we help, and to those who support us as contributors.

Everyone in our community can be a champion of kindness.

ARK is honored to be “championed” by the Flowers Group, in association with the 2024 Flowers Sea Swim. On June 13, we will hold ARK’s first major fundraising event, the “Champions of Kindness Supper”.


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