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Kindness Connects Us

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

The goal of "Kindness Connects Us" is to keep families and individuals impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, and the continued closure of Cayman's borders, connected to electricity, water and food! Mass unemployment is causing havoc financially, physically and emotionally.

As the festive holiday season begins, ARK's Relief Care Packages will ensure that people are not disconnected from their utilities, and that they continue to have options for fresh food and other necessities.

These care packages go directly from your kind heart to their home, and towards their wellbeing.

Please help us provide these packages to all those who need it: we cannot have families homeless, living in darkness, without food or running water for even one day and least of all for Christmas! We can do this together, let’s demonstrate how much we CARE ~ it’s the right thing to do.

Link to ARK Online donation (credit/debit card) [kindly hosted by Cayman Ecommerce]

Online funds transfer:

Online Electronic Funds Transfer

Bank: Butterfield Bank

Account name: Cayman's ARK

Account number:

01201039292 ( USD) Savings


02201039292 ( KYD) Savings



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