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First CASA Project of 2019

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

ARK’s First CASA project of 2019 is in full swing, targeting significant home and life improvement. Our goal has been to repair the home and create a whole new bedroom!

We have 6 family members sleeping together in a small room with a precious and greatly beloved 91 year old Grandmother.

This family has been in crisis battling family illness and grief. Tragically they lost the matriarch of the family to cancer in December, by which the ripple effect has left the family bereft and with little to no income with 4 children, grandmother and injured grandfather to care for. Thankfully, the grandfather has just come out of surgery and is recovering well and is on the road back to health and work in the coming weeks! Thank you Cayman Clinic for transforming this family's lives and to everyone who supports ARK projects.

February Progress! New bedroom has been constructed. This will be the first time a very special 18 year old young lady will have her own room, she has chosen to share it with her 3 year old little sister. The girls have chosen pinks and purples for their dream room. If you would like to contribute to creating this fabulous space for the girls by way of curtains, rugs, pictures, mirror etc please message us.

The amazing Appleby volunteers did a fantastic job at painting the fabulous Pink Orchid and Lavender bedrooms! Tomorrow more volunteers will be on site to paint the living area and kitchen. These fabulous colours and kindness from strangers has already lit up the lives of the family! Huge thanks to everyone and to Caribbean Impact Windows and Doors, Edie's Decor and Ace Cayman


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