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"Keep Calm & Paddle On"

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

The KCPO Crew undertakes a 70 mile, 24 hour non-stop "Round the Island" Fundraiser for ARK on Friday & Saturday, 11-12 November, 2022


Sponsor this incredible challenge to benefit all of ARK's work

Jasmin "Yaz" Muratagic along with Eoghan Ryan will be paddle boarding over 70 miles, non-stop over 24 hours around Grand Cayman on November 11th to raise money for Acts of Random Kindness (ARK). Kiristen Cousins, and Chad Guenter will be acting as their support team -- the "KCPO" crew.

Yaz’s fundraising started in Canada when he met up with Chad, and they paddle boarded the Saskatchewan River to raise funds for mental health awareness and when he came to Cayman he wanted to help raise funds for local causes.

The "KCPO" team has previously raised funds for NVCO, Cancer Society and other local charities, and now are focusing their efforts on ARK as they were inspired by what ARK has done for the local community in Cayman.

Although the team has previously paddle boarded from Little Cayman to Grand Cayman, and around Grand Cayman, they are now attempting to complete their round the island trip in less than 24 hours of non-stop paddle boarding.

The team will be leaving from Rackham's on Friday November 11th at 9pm and plan to be back to Rackham's in the afternoon of Saturday November 12th. The challenge is to complete this epic journey within 24 hours - a feat never achieved before!

Please help support the KCPO team - Yaz, Kirsten, Eoghan and Chad - in their incredible challenge by donating to raise funds for ARK.


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