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FeedCayman - the Kindness Kitchen

Starting in mid-April, Acts of Random Kindness began the second phase of its Covid-19 “Feed Cayman” initiative - the Kindness Kitchen. ARK is leveraging significant donations from the local community and partnering with other non-profit organizations to make this a reality.

Working in partnership with a private sector donors and local businesses, we have scaled up the effort. Over the next few weeks, this will play a vital role in sustaining Cayman’s struggling families, and those who are currently unemployed as a result of the dire economic hardship in the Cayman economy.

One central “soup kitchen” serves as a hub for producing meals and 500 soups a day, 6 days a week, as well as for receiving family meals prepared by "Curfew Chefs" that form an inventory of frozen food.

ARK's army of volunteers deliver once weekly to our recipients: Fresh hot meals for the day for all the family, delicious soups from the soup kitchen, and frozen meals provided by the "Curfew Chefs" (for the rest of the week); plus, where possible, a Foster’s card to enable them to purchase fresh food, other supplies and necessities.


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