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Swimmers in the making

The children and siblings in ARK's Mentor-Educate-Reinforce program have been blessed by the generosity of Cayman's community in the past few weeks.

ARK has partnered with Coach Grant and some very talented senior swimmers from the Camana Bay Aquatic Club who are volunteering their time to offer a program of water safety and swim lessons to eighteen children.

We are most grateful to Coach Ryan, with Cayman Islands Special Olympics, for making it possible for ARK to use the Lions' pool to hold these lessons.

It was an extra special weekend as the Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association held an amazing relay event on Friday - and all the proceeds from the event were given to ARK. (Pictured below is the group of MER kids delighted to hold such a "big check".) These funds will support ARK's "Kindness Connects Us" relief program - and we are so delighted that these community connections are being fostered through the love and practice of swimming.


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